• Supports up to 16 main lanes, 16 metered lanes, and 64 detectors
  • Support for Local Traffic Responsive by TOD
  • Natively supports Wavetronix HD125 for Speed, Volume, Occupancy, 85% Speed data
  • Supports Serial and/or Ethernet Communications
  • Support for NTP and GPS time synchronization
  • Fully supported local intersection integration (ICM)
  • Support for Peer to Peer communications with Advanced Logic Builder
  • Full NTCIP MIB Supplied with Software License
  • Pre-configured or User Defined Cabinet Support (332, 336, TS-1, TS-2, ITS)

NTCIP Communication and Database Framework

  • Built-in, User-Extensible, NTCIP communications/database framework: This “Open” standard communications subsystem integrates directly to internal logic programs but operates independently.
  • Allows efficient resource allocation for multiple applications running on the same controller.

Advanced User Programming Features

  • Easy Configuration: The optional On-Board Web Server makes configuration easy using an ordinary laptop and does not require an external configuration tool to program because all configuration, compatibility and validity checking is built-in to the controller.
  • Logic extension through User defined Boolean logic blocks (AND, NAND, OR, NOR, Exclusive OR, NOT) which can be configured to react to stimulus inputs and fire off a set of controller commands

Technical Specifications

  • Number of Metered Lanes: 16
  • Number of Mainline Lanes: 16
  • Number of Detectors: 64
  • Number of Sensor Zones: 64
  • Number of Metering Plans: 128
  • Program Sequences: 1- 16
  • User Programmable Operational Strategies 1- 127

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