The Q-Free Intelight MAXTIME ic is a Linux-based local intersection control software that goes beyond your standard signal timing tools, offering advanced tools and functionality for smart mobility and the future of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV).

Execute standard signal timing with ease and master advanced functions without complex logic strings or modified controller operations using the system’s intuitive user interface and menu structure.

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Got MIBs?

In our continued effort to promote innovation and provide the best possible customer support, we pledge to provide unrestricted access to our award-winning Intelight MAXTIME ic MIBs to all members of the transportation industry—customers, consultants, academics, and competitors alike.

No more limited or unreliable agreements between vendors or agencies.

We believe MIBs should be free...


  • We believe collaboration drives innovation.
  • We believe no one should have to double pay for work already done, and
  • We believe no one should be locked into costly contracts.

Want to know more?

Read a TTI article about what freeing the MIBS mean or visit FREEtheMIBS.org.

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