Using the Linux platform, INTELIGHT’s award-winning MAXTIME 2.0 local controller software was built directly from the current NTCIP, NEMA, MUTCD, and FHWA (including NTCIP v2.06 and latest ATC 5201 draft) standards as opposed to adapting older software to the newer standards.

In addition to being the most complete NTCIP compliant Linux-based platform in the industry, MAXTIME has been intuitively designed with logical menu structures and providing built-in user functions that typically require complex logic strings or modified controller operations.


  • Modern Web: Monitor and configure timings wirelessly from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone through modern web app
  • Tile Based Dashboard: Custom layouts with ring timers, channel states, video feeds, and other web-server equipped devices that can be customized for each intersection
  • User Access Control: Limit read/write permissions of individual controller programming and status menus to a set of users
  • Real-Time Signal Performance Analytics: View graphical signal performance analytic tools such as a split monitor, a cycle length plot, phase termination diagrams, coordination diagrams, etc., directly from the local signal controller. Run queries against signal performance metric events to dig into detailed operational questions.
  • On-Board Replay: Replay recent operation to troubleshoot a failure instantly. Replay includes ring timers, phase and overlap states, detector calls, channel status, etc. Replay can be rewound, fast forwarded, or played back slower or faster than real-time
  • Change Tracking: Track all programming changes entered, including the date-time-stamp, the user name, the previous value, the changed value and a user comment to indicate the reason for the change.
  • CV Ready: Support for predictive Time to Next and Time to Red NTCIP objects for all phases and ped movements in free and coordinated operation,  with confidence intervals, that provides direct integration with INTELIGHT’s MAXTIME cv firmware or other CV applications.

Unique Functionality

  • 40 Phases, 16 Rings, 20 Sequences, 32 Overlaps, 20 phase tables, 10 detector tables (select by TOD)
  • Advanced User Programs with Peer-to-peer communications (included)
  • Locally adaptive transit prioritor (included)
  • Full NTCIP 1201/1202 MIB supplied with software license
  • Pre-configured or user-defined cabinet support (332, 336, TS-1, TS-2, ITS)
  • Intuitive and advanced user logic programming
  • Onboard web server (edit database through web browser, no proprietary database editor)
  • Monitor and modify timings from Windows and Apple computers, IPADs, tablets, smartphones without special software
  • Store and switch between hundreds of timing databases on controller
  • Easy, automated software updates via network or USB flash drive (no need for terminal servers or proprietary installer programs)

Features and Usability

  • Extended pedestrian features including: delayed walk, delayed, green, and alternate walk/FDW timing per 2009 US MUTCD
  • Multiple overlap types including :
    • NTCIP: types 1 through 3
    • Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) displays
    • Flashing Red Arrow (FRA) displays
    • Protected/Permissive Canadian operation
    • Light Rail Transit (LRT) bar indications
    • Pedestrian (normal and minus green/yellow)
    • Right-turn with conflicting pedestrian
  • 128 independently programmable coordinated or free timing patterns
  • Master/slave closed loop operation included
  • Linux-based (facilitates memory and processor power expansion in future)
  • Advanced phase Intervals
    • Min green 2
    • Pre-green/walk,
    • Delay green/walk
    • Pre-clearance
    • Alternate pedestrian times (extended push time)

Technical Specifications

  • Advanced Confirutions
    • Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI)
    • Continuous Flow Intersections (CFI)
    • Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI)
    • Compound intersections with multiple approaches
    • Light Rail Transit (LRT) applications
    • HAWK/pedestrian hybrid beacons
    • Preemption routing
  • Number of Channels: 1- 32
  • Number of Phases: 1- 40
  • Number of Phase Overlaps: 1- 16
  • Concurrent Rings: 1- 16
  • Program Sequences: 1- 16
  • User Programmable Operational Strategies 1- 127

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