MAXTIME ITS™ firmware is a locally distributed Intelligent Traffic System that runs on ATC compliant controllers. It is designed to run independently of any centralized system. MAXTIME ITS firmware was developed to replace custom software components and dedicated programmable logic controllers with ITS warning and data collection systems such as weather, queue,curve,and over-length warning systems. MAXTIME ITS firmware provides a common interface for configuring,programming,and tuning its applications. In addition, it unifies data monitoring and collection across multiple systems through common NTCIPand XML-based protocols. MAXTIME ITS firmware also supports advanced peer-to-peer scenarios and customizable user programs that allow you to easily extend scenarios and systems.


  • Reduces the need for specialized PLC hardware
  • Aggregates connected vehicle data in a central location
  • Streamlines operation through an intuitive interface that includes common weather and vehicle sensors.
  • Enables wireless configuration from a laptop,tablet,or smartphone without third-party software.
  • Stores hundreds of databases on the controller and allows you to easily switch between them.
  • Allows databases to be edited through a convenient browser interface without the need for a proprietary database editor
  • Update software automatically through the connected network or USB flash drives
  • No terminal servers or proprietary installers are required.
  • Allows you to program advanced custom logic using an intuitive interface.
  • Runs exclusively on Linux OS

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