MAXTIME cv enables agencies to broadcast SPaT, MAP, SSM and more without additional hardware in the cabinet. MAXTIME cv is built as a stand-alone embedded firmware application designed to run on ATC 5.2b or above compliant controller hardware, reducing the overall hardware cost of the CV deployment.

MAXTIME cv communicates directly with the DSRC radio and signal firmware using published federal standards, including the latest J2735_201603 standard. To generate the SPaT and SSM message based on the current signal timing and operation, MAXTIME CV communicates directly with the signal firmware utilizing NTCIP 1201, 1202 and 1211 message sets.


  • Runs on the same ATC intersection controller as MAXTIME using ATC API platform
  • Broadcast 2016 j2735 SPaT, MAP, SRM/SSM to connected DSRC or web service
  • View incoming 2016 J2735 BSM on real time map
  • Full web application with rich status and configuration view
  • Web-based configuration of MAP data —shared across MAXTIME, MAXVIEW and other apps
  • Connect with a broad set of DSRC radio or external services vehicle services
  • Support for Connected Vehicle Application Platform

Technical Information

  • Support for MAXVIEW cv real time data aggregation and distribution
  • Log and analyze incoming SPaT, MAP, SRM/SSM messages
  • Provides third-party real-time access to aggregate
  • SPaT, MAP, etc. data with <1 sec latency.

MAXTIME cv Info Sheet

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