Q-Free Intelight MAXVIEW atms (advanced traffic management system) is a sophisticated tool that delivers an integrated, real-time view of an agency’s traffic signal network and ITS infrastructure.

Successfully deployed by 90+ agencies, it is a proven workhorse to help agencies gain control of their entire traffic signal network in a single application.

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Our next legacy is here...

Kinetic Signals

Introducing Kinetic Signals

A technology upgrade and rebrand of Intelight MAXVIEW, Kinetic Signals delivers all the same features, functionality, and innovation that users love about MAXTIME and so much more.

  • Modern technology stack used by tech giants and entertainment companies
  • Built for on-premise or cloud-hosted applications
  • Open to integrate with third-party devices

To boot, as part of the Q-Free Kinetic Mobility platform, users can expand operations to include freeway and event management, signs, ramp metering, video management, and more.

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