Intelight MAXVIEW advanced traffic management system (ATMS) software is a modern client/server application built using modern frameworks and technologies. It is designed from the ground up – utilizing modern Graphical User Interface (GUI) design standards. Q-Free delivers a true web-based, thin-client platform with Intelight MAXVIEW, while also delivering a rich client experience, including an incredibly responsive main map, multiple client windows and other rich client interactions.

Intelight MAXVIEW’s strict adherence to the NTCIP protocol enables an agency to place any NTCIP-compliant controllers on the system immediately, reducing the need to manage the legacy and new central systems together during the integration process.


  • Manage your entire traffic network from a real time map view
  • Servers and all Communications Servers and Controllers in one tree.
  • See which devices are online and follow graphically the network path from the devices back to all the servers.
  • Configure and maintain each User Client individually, or put the clients into groups, and grant individual access rights.
  • View multiple servers, devices, and users from a Map single screen.
  • Multi user
  • Simultaneously connect two or more system servers and run the applications you need. Switch between your sessions using a mouse click or keystroke
  • Instant Graphs & Reports
  • Maxview now includes online real-time data graphs and usage charts, and has the ability to do trend analysis.
  • Event Logging
  • MaxView retains and displays a history of system events that can be used to monitor operations and/or troubleshoot.

Unique Functionality

  • Easy to configure maps; no external programs necessary
  • Expanded status displays and event monitoring
  • Outlook style time of day scheduler
  • Day, month and timeline views
  • Drag and drop scheduling
  • Modify multiple intersection timings from single screen
  • Real-time split monitoring in Coordination and Free
  • Real-Time analysis tools and event monitoring

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