357 ATC Cabinet

The Intelight 357 ATC Cabinet can control up to 18 output channels and 48 detector inputs in a compact, lightweight
design that can be pole or pedestal mounted – ideal for areas where curbside real estate may be limited, such as central
business districts.

Standout Features & Assemblies

  • Monitors per-output current and voltage
  • Each output channel supports up to 1 amp
  • Front-facing fuses for easy maintenance
  • ITS-SIU SDLC protocol compatible
  • 16/18 channel hybrid output assembly
    • 8 output slots AND 1 combo input/output slot
    • NEMA Port 1 SDLC Port
  • 48 channel input assembly using 4 channel high-density detector cards
  • Exceeds latest ATC 5301 cabinet standards

Tech Specs

Dimensions: 36” x 20” x 17”
Material: Aluminum, 0.125” thick
Doors: Front (1) and rear (1)
Lock System: Three-point door lock with Pelco, Corbin, or APL locks
Mounting: Side-of-pole, top-of-pole, or pedestal

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