The 2070LX controller is part of Q-Free’s industry-­leading Intelight ATC-compliant Linux hardware platform.

The chassis meets and exceeds current 2009 TEES and includes an ATC-compliant 2070-1C CPU module.

To boot, the controller can be configured for ITS, 2070, 170, 170E, and NEMA TS 1 or TS 2 cabinet I/0 configurations and is listed on the Caltrans QPL.

I/O configurations

  • 2070-2A/2E+ field I/0 module for parallel interface to 35X/34X/33X cabinets
  • 2070-2N includes a field I/0 module for serial interface with ITS and NEMA TS 2 type 1 cabinets
  • 2070-N includes 2070-N1 extensions for TS 1 & TS 2 type 2 cabinets
  • 2070-2B/2C field I/0 module for interface to ITS cabinets and other RS-485 peripherals


  • Complies with latest ATC 6.25 and Caltrans 2009 TEES (2070-LC)
  • Uses open Linux O/S architecture for hosting various 2070 software applications
  • Includes ATC 5401 API as an option
  • Uses runtime libraries per ATC5.2b (ATC 6.25)
  • Full supports all required ATC 6.25 software drivers under the latest Linux kernel release v 3.2
  • Environmentally hardened (operating ambient temperature from -40C to +80 C)

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