• Configurable 170, 170E, 2070, NEMA TS-1, TS-2 Type -2 Parallel Interfaced Cabinet Applications
  • Also Configurable for NEMA TS-2 Type 1 and ITS Serially Interfaced Cabinets Applications
  • 2X wide Model 2070-1B CPU Module with Engine Board based intelligence
  • 8MB DRAM and 8MB FLASH Memory configured and managed per TEES Specifications
  • OS-9 Operating System with TEES compliant drivers
  • Heavy Duty Model 2070-4A Power Supply

I/O configurations

  • 2070LC Includes 2070-2A Field I/O Module for parallel interface to 170/170E/2070 Cabinets
  • 2070L2N Includes 2070-2N Field I/O Module for serial interface to ITS and NEMA TS-2 Type 1 Cabinets
  • 2070LN Includes 2070-N1 Extensions for TS-1 & TS-2 Type 2 Cabinets
  • 2070LB Includes 2070-2B Field I/O Module for interface to ITS Cabinets and other RS-485 peripherals

Front Panel configurations:

  • 3B Includes 40 X 8 Monochrome Text Display, LED, C50 Serial Port, Two Keypads, AUX Switch, and Alarm Bell
  • 3C Includes LED, and C50 & C60 Serial Ports (ideal for use with Intelight’s Remote Front Panel or Laptop software)

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