Local Software

Intelight MAXTIME ic

  • Configure with a Laptop, Tablet or from the front panel through modern Web app
  • 40 Phases, 16 Rings, 20 Sequences, 32 Overlaps
  • NTCIP open protocol communication framework with full NTCIP Compliance Level 2 support
Intelight MAXTIME adaptive

Intelight MAXTIME adaptive

  • Real time adaptive cycle, offset, and split optimization
  • Built on high resolution data (1/10th second logged on local controller)
  • Distributive processing to optimize signal timings with no need for a master processor

Intelight MAXTIME cv

  • Broadcast fully encoded J2735 201603 SPaT, MAP, SSM over DSRC or the Internet
  • Web based configuration with real time map view of incoming J2735 BSM messages
  • Leverage same ATC as signal software through the ATC API

Intelight MAXTIME ramp meter

  • Fully NTCIP 1207 v2.06b compliant advanced Ramp Meter software
  • 16 Metered Lanes, 16 Mainline Lanes, 48 Sensor Zones
  • Built on Intelight's MaxTime embedded platform


  • Support for RWIS, Overheight, Speed Warning, Detector Station and other ITS station scenarios
  • Direct integration with Vaisala, ModBus, Decatur, Wavetronics and NTCIP device
  • Built on Intelight's MaxTime embedded platform

170 emulator

  • Allows existing 170 Applications Software to run on newer ATC hardware
  • Supported in 2070L w/ 1C ATC CPU or Intelight 170 Smart Card ATC in existing 170E chassis