Q-Free ITS Solutions

As part of the global Q-Free network, you have direct access to ITS solutions for advanced traffic management systems (ATMS), parking monitoring and guidance solutions, automated license plate recognition for toll roads, and more.

The following highlights what Q-Free is already successfully doing in North America but represents only a fraction of what Q-Free does around the world.

Advanced Traffic Management System

OpenTMS is Q-Free’s nationally-recognized advanced traffic management system (ATMS) that brings all your traffic management and ITS devices into a single interface, so agencies can provide effective, real-time management across regions. While the goals of traffic management agencies are often similar, different agencies can have vastly different circumstances and resources. OpenTMS is a modular and scalable system which can be configured and customized to provide traffic management solutions in a wide variety of conditions.

Parking Monitoring & Guidance

Parking spaces can generate revenue and congestion. Q-Free parking solutions can help. Optimize the use of existing spaces, cut down on the number of people overstaying their meters, and help drivers more quickly locate available parking.

Q-Free’s parking guidance system (PGS) uses sensors to track parking availability by structure, level, row, or individual space. The aggregated data can provide drivers and operators with dynamic, real-time information about availability via smart phone apps, management software, or wayfinding signs posted in and around the garage.

For outdoor parking monitoring, ParQSense provides highly-accurate individual space monitoring for outdoor applications, including on-street spaces, off-street surface lots, and truck parking.

License Plate Recognition for Toll Roads

Leveraging sophisticated algorithms developed right here in the US, Q-Free’s Intrada® product line is leading the market in toll road vehicle identification and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR/ANPR). The system analyzes received video images to read license plates with impressive accuracy. In line with Q-Free’s commitment to open standards, Intrada is device agnostic allowing agencies to select the toll operator and camera providers of their choice.


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