Intelight MaxView ATMS


  • Quicker installs with less configuration
    • Users Simply connect to the network and direct their browsers to the System server. No Software to Install on Client User PCS
  • Lower cost & More Scalable
    • Thin Client PC’s are generally less expensive. MaxView’s flexible server configuration allow greater scalability.
  • Less maintenance - he constant maintenance of distributed PC operating systems is eliminated with Thin Clients.
    • Improved At-A-Glance Management


  • Manage your entire traffic network from a real time map view 
  • Servers and all Communications Servers and Controllers in one tree.
  • See which devices are online and follow graphically the network path from the devices back to all the servers.
  • Configure and maintain each User Client individually, or put the clients into groups, and grant individual access rights.
  • View multiple servers, devices, and users from a Map single screen.
  • Multi user
    • Simultaneously connect two or more system servers and run the applications you need. Switch between your sessions using a mouse click or keystroke
  • Instant Graphs & Reports
    • Maxview now includes online real-time data graphs and usage charts, and has the ability to do trend analysis.
  • Event Logging
    • MaxView retains and displays a history of system events that can be used to monitor operations and/or troubleshoot.

Product Info Sheet